[Product Review] Woolino Merino Wool Toddler Blanket

Happy 18 months to our Baby James! He's officially a year and a half old, although I've pretty much been saying that ever since he turned 14 months. Our social butterfly is a ball of fun, with an energy level unsurpassed in our household. If only I could bottle up some of that for myself! Currently he's really into animals and his all-time favourites are the Fisher Price barnyard … [Read more...]

[Product Review] Munchkin STEP™ Diaper Pail

It never ceases to amaze me just how much baby poop stinks. Oh, if you don't think it smells now wait until baby starts eating meat (ohhhh boy)! Ever since James was born I've been using a diaper pail in the nursery, and for the first year we used a sleek and modern all-stainless steel product, which worked well and continues to work well, except for one thing: every time I open the lid … [Read more...]

[Product Review] Woolino Merino Wool 4 Season Sleep Bag

Winter is near and that means getting my little one ready for the cold Canadian weather. That’s the thing about parenthood – you’re always worried about your baby being too hot or too cold, particularly when asleep. Thankfully with Woolino’s Merino Wool 4 Season Sleep Bag Baby James is warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. If you’re searching for a sleep sack for your baby then … [Read more...]

[Product Review] MAM Training Brush

I was taught at an early age to take good care of my teeth and I intend to instill this in James. Lately I've been trying to teach him how to use a toothbrush (as if our parenting "to-do" list wasn't long enough :P ), and I can see that we're making progress. Slowly but surely, one step at a time! MAM Training Brush (BPA-free) We've tried different toothbrushes … [Read more...]

[Product Review] MAM Mini Cooler Teether & Clip

Our little guy has been teething for as long as I can remember, which means a lot of soaked bibs and drool ALL THE TIME! :D So far James has four teeth, with another one on the way, but overall he's been pretty good about it. We haven't had any major issues during the day (although once in awhile he'll refuse to eat), but I've had a few nights where he cried out in pain. I can only … [Read more...]

[Product Review] Munchkin Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup

It's true what they say... time flies with babies because I can't believe mine's already turning one! How is it that just a few months ago he couldn't lift up his head and now he's standing all on his own? Child development is a marvelous thing and it all happens so quickly- blink, and you've got yourself a teenager! :P One of our latest milestones was introducing James to solids, and … [Read more...]

[Product Review] Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons and White Hot Safety Spoons

Two new teeth in the span of two weeks, that's the latest with James! It's no wonder my baby's been drooling like crazy. Ever since James started teething I've been finding ways to ease his discomfort. Recently I even changed the type of baby spoons we use because the old ones were too rigid and hard on his gums. Now I use the Munchkin Soft Tip Safety Spoons and White Hot Safety Spoons … [Read more...]

[Product Review] Munchkin Squeeze

Just like his mama, Baby James loves to eat! Sweet potatoes, pasta, and cookies are some of his favourite foods :D . Feeding him is fun, but the clean up part is not (surprise, surprise)! Recently, we got to test out a product called Munchkin Squeeze that has simplified our feedings and cut back on the usual mess. This product works like a spoon and bowl in one, and is suitable for Stage … [Read more...]

[Product Review] pediped® Originals: Ross Navy Sandals

Tiny feet in tiny shoes, what's not to love? We waited quite a while for James to wear shoes because socks were just fine for the first few months. But when he reached his next milestones of crawling and standing, shoes became a big deal. We wanted to familiarize him with the concept of footwear, and it became important to us to find him the best shoes in terms of comfort, quality, and … [Read more...]

[Product Review] Enfamil A+ Stage 2

When James was born he weighed 7lbs 13oz, with a head full of hair and delightfully tiny toes. Now at 10 months old, I’m proud to say he has thunder thighs and a baby pot belly, two of my favourite things! Left: Enfamil A+ Stage 1 (0-12 months), Right: Enfamil A+ Stage 2 (6-18 months) Ever since he started eating solids, mealtime has become an adventure all its own but … [Read more...]