[Product Review] Munchkin STEP™ Diaper Pail

It never ceases to amaze me just how much baby poop stinks. Oh, if you don’t think it smells now wait until baby starts eating meat (ohhhh boy)! Ever since James was born I’ve been using a diaper pail in the nursery, and for the first year we used a sleek and modern all-stainless steel product, which worked well and continues to work well, except for one thing: every time I open the lid I catch a blast of yuck. Now imagine a week’s worth of stinky diapers trapped inside a canister and you pretty much know what to expect.

We dealt with the smells for as long as we could, all the while emptying the trash more frequently and even double bagging the diapers but with little improvement made. Let’s face it…diapers just don’t smell like roses. Then one (miraculous) day we came across the Munchkin STEP™ Diaper Pail at a baby show, and with a catchy slogan like “the stink ends here,” I was eager to try it out. Munchkin kindly sent us the Munchkin STEP™ Diaper Pail for review, but the opinions and claims reflected in this blog post are my own and not those of Munchkin.

Munchkin STEP™ Diaper Pail and Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail Refills 

Bye bye stinky diapers!

Arrives fully assembled in box: height: 27″ x width 12″ 

We’ve been using the Munchkin STEP™ Diaper Pail for the past 6 months and very pleased with the results. Our stinky diaper pail crisis has been averted! This product does an excellent job at containing smells, and true to their slogan the stink really does end here. Also, I should point out what a good looking diaper pail this is. 😀 It’s aesthetically pleasing and available in many different colours, though I’m loving the neutral white. I definitely have no issues placing this in any room in my house.

Let’s look at each component:

The hands-free step-on function makes this diaper pail both convenient and hygienic.

On the underside of the lid you can add a lavender-scented baking soda PUCK™ powdered by Arm & Hammer. I highly recommend doing so as the baking soda absorbs the odours, and the lavender scent helps offsets any stinkiness.

Munchkin Arm & Hammer PUCK™ Diaper Pail cartridge 

I love how the STEP™ diaper pail comes fully assembled with one starter refill ring, so you can get started right away (orange bag as shown in pic).

Arm & Hammer Snap, Seal & Toss Bags

It works with both Munchkin Arm & Hammer 1) Refill Rings anew 2) Snap, Seal, and Toss Bags.

With the push of a button you can open the front panel and gain access to the inside of the diaper pail.

Next, push this second button and lift up the silver lid to gain access to the diaper bag.

If you choose to use the Arm & Hammer Refill Rings then there is a cutter incorporated in the pail to cut off each bag, as required. If you purchase the Snap, Seal, and Toss Bags then this cutter is not necessary.

Bottomline, the Munchkin STEP™ Diaper Pail works well to control the stench of soiled diapers. When you close the lid the opening will twist automatically to seal in any odours, and when you open the lid the bag still stays sealed. I’ve been using this for the past 6 months and while James’ poop has only gotten increasingly more smelly (thanks to his ever expanding diet), there’s no stinky blast of odour whenever I open the lid, and no bad smells have permeated the room. This is such a thoughtfully designed parent-friendly product, go check it out! For every pail purchased, Munchkin will plant a tree. 🙂





Munchkin STEP Diaper Pail 


For this post I received the Munchkin STEP™ Diaper Pail for review, but the opinions and claims reflected in this blog post are my own and not those of Munchkin. 

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