[Product Review] pediped® Originals: Ross Navy Sandals

Tiny feet in tiny shoes, what’s not to love? We waited quite a while for James to wear shoes because socks were just fine for the first few months. But when he reached his next milestones of crawling and standing, shoes became a big deal. We wanted to familiarize him with the concept of footwear, and it became important to us to find him the best shoes in terms of comfort, quality, and design.

Dreams of Velvet - Pediped 10

pediped® Originals Ross Navy Sandals

Dreams of Velvet - Pediped

After reading many reviews online, the brand pediped® stood out in terms of meeting our needs. They have 3 different lines of footwear: Originals (0 – 2+), Grip ‘n’ Go (9 months – 3), and Flex (2 – 12+). For this post, pediped® sent us a pair of shoes for review but the opinions and claims reflected are my own and not those of pediped®.

We received pediped® Originals Ross Navy Sandals, just in time for summer! They’re made of 100% premium grade leather and non-toxic materials, with a foam insole, foam cushion and a padded heel to absorb shock.

Dreams of Velvet - Pediped 9

100% premium leather construction

These shoes are not only stylish, but they’re also engineered to promote healthy foot development. In particular, pediped® Originals shoes most closely mimic barefoot walking because they have a durable slip-resistant leather sole that allows little toes to move, grip, and feel the floor. These shoes are also designed with a hand-stitched leather sole that allows feet to breathe.

Dreams of Velvet - Pediped 7

Hand-stitched leather sole

Dreams of Velvet - Pediped 6

Diamond patterned leather tread for added traction

Dreams of Velvet - Pediped 5

Velcro enclosure

Dreams of Velvet - Pediped 3

Dreams of Velvet - Pediped 2

Foam insole, foam cushion and a padded heel to absorb shock

Dreams of Velvet - Pediped 4

We love the construction and design of the pediped® Originals Ross Navy Sandals, and never fail to receive many compliments wherever we go. The velcro enclosure is secure and easy to use, and James’ feet slip easily in and out of the shoes. He’s never fussed about wearing them, and we think it goes well with his outfits. We actually just got back from a family trip to Vegas and these sandals were perfect for the weather, while also protecting his feet. Overall we’re very impressed with pediped® shoes and highly recommend them for your child’s footwear needs. Check out their website for more designs. 😀

Dreams of Velvet - Pediped James

James chilling in Vegas with his pediped® Originals Ross Navy Sandals: the “next best thing to bare feet.”



For this post I received infant footwear from pediped® for review, but the opinions and claims reflected in this blog post are my own and not those of pediped®.


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