[Product Review] Munchkin Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup

It’s true what they say… time flies with babies because I can’t believe mine’s already turning one! How is it that just a few months ago he couldn’t lift up his head and now he’s standing all on his own? Child development is a marvelous thing and it all happens so quickly- blink, and you’ve got yourself a teenager! 😛

One of our latest milestones was introducing James to solids, and boy was that an adventure. Mealtime is a work in progress but overall James is a good eater. He is also an avid drinker, and absolutely loves coconut water. Getting him to hold a cup on his own was another accomplishment, and that involved introducing different types of cups each time. For whatever reason James never took to sippy cups, and instead loves to drink from straws. Munchkin Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup is his cup of choice.

Dreams of Velvet - Munchkin Flexi Straw 1

Dreams of Velvet - Munchkin Flexi Straw 2

Each component is BPA free and the product features a weighted straw which allows your child to drink from any angle. Since the cup is made of plastic, be sure not to microwave or use with hot liquids.

Dreams of Velvet - Munchkin Flexi Straw 5

Also important, be sure to remove this plastic covering before use, because it can be easily missed!

Dreams of Velvet - Munchkin Flexi Straw 3

Dreams of Velvet - Munchkin Flexi Straw 4

The seal around the lid is completely leak proof, and the flip top lid is easy to open.

Dreams of Velvet - Munchkin Flexi Straw 6

The straw is very long and narrow, but thankfully a brush is included for washing.

Overall we like the Munchkin Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup for its flexible straw and spill proof design, but most importantly Baby James likes to drink from it as well. It’s easy to use and trains our baby how to drink with a straw, so those are huge pluses in my books. This cup is also available in an assortment of fun colours, so go check it out! 😀





For this post I received a Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup from Munchkin for review, but the opinions and claims reflected in this blog post are my own and not those of Munchkin.

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