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Just like his mama, Baby James loves to eat! Sweet potatoes, pasta, and cookies are some of his favourite foods 😀 . Feeding him is fun, but the clean up part is not (surprise, surprise)! Recently, we got to test out a product called Munchkin Squeeze that has simplified our feedings and cut back on the usual mess. This product works like a spoon and bowl in one, and is suitable for Stage 1 and Stage 2 purĂ©ed foods.

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The usual messy bowl and spoon during mealtimes

Dreams of Velvet - Munchkin Squeeze 10

Feeding with the Munchkin Squeeze (look ma, no mess!)

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The Munchkin Squeeze is made up of 3 parts: a base, a top, and a spoon cap. According to the package, the operating instructions are as follows:

1. Remove spoon cap
2. Unscrew base
3. Fill with stage 1 or 2 baby food (use puréed foods only)
4. Screw top back onto base
5. Squeeze base to dispense food

Essentially, once I fill up the Squeeze I don’t need to use any bowls during feedings and the food stays clean and unexposed inside the base until dispensed. The cap is valuable because it keeps the spoon tip clean and makes the Squeeze convenient and portable. Please note that you can’t microwave, boil, or steam sterilize any of its components. If you do want to heat up the food then you need to do this in a separate microwave-safe container before adding the food into the Squeeze. I find that warmed food retains its temperature for a longer period of time inside the Squeeze than if it were sitting out in a bowl.

Dreams of Velvet - Munchkin Squeeze 4

Ergonomic base fits comfortably in your hand

It’s important to only use purĂ©ed foods because the nozzle is very fine, and large pieces of food can’t make it through the small opening. One helpful tip is to turn the Squeeze upside down and shake the food until it fills up the transparent portion at the neck before squeezing. This ensures less air in the nozzle, and allows food to dispense without splattering.

Dreams of Velvet - Munchkin Squeeze 7

Food squeezes out easily (rice cereal with mango purée)

Dreams of Velvet - Munchkin Squeeze 6

Thankfully clean up is also a breeze. My bottle brush cleaner fits easily into the base and reaches every nook and cranny. This is a huge plus in my books!

Dreams of Velvet - Munchkin Squeeze 9

Strained baby food going into the Squeeze

Overall I use the Squeeze the most whenever I’m away from home because it’s conveniently the only utensil I need to feed James. The Squeeze works especially well in situations where there’s no table to set up a jar of food, nor any space to rest a spoon (ie. at the mall). To me, that itself already helps ease a stressful situation. For feedings on-the-go I always bring store-bought strained baby food pouches with me and squeeze this into the Squeeze base, and then feed. The best part is I can cap off the tip and quickly put everything away when we’re done. Go check it out, especially if your baby’s just starting solids!




For this post I received Squeeze from Munchkin for review, but the opinions and claims reflected in this blog post are my own and not those of Munchkin.

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